All the books listed mention “mind” symptoms.


Coping with Thyroid Problems
by Dr Joan Gomez, published by Sheldon Press
ISBN: 0-85969-687-1

Thyroid Disorders
by Dr Rowan Hillson, published by Vermillion
ISBN: 0-09-188434-9

Thyroid Balance – Traditional and Alternative Methods for Treating Thyroid Disorders
by Glenn S Rothfeld, M.D., M.Ac., and Deborah S Romaine
published by Adams Media Corporation
ISBN: 1-58062-777-3

The Thyroid Solution: A Mind Body Program for Beating Depression and
Regaining Your Emotional and Physical Health
by Dr Ridha Arem, published by Ballantine Books
ISBN: 0-345-42919-2

Underactive Thyroid Disease

Living Well with Hypothyroidism
by Mary J Shomon, published by Quill Press
ISBN: 0-380-80898-6

Tears Behind Closed Doors
by Diana Holmes, published by NPL Publication
ISBN: 0-9543106-0-8

Psychiatry and Thyroid Disease

The Thyroid Axis and Psychiatric Illness
by Russell T Joffee, M.D. and Anthony J.Levitt, M.D.
published by The American Psychiatric Press, Inc
ISBN: 0-88048-364-4

(“An enormously valuable book. Its value for clinicians is self-evident, and clinician-researchers cannot do without it.”). Very scientific.
The Family Mental Health Encycolpedia
by Frank J Bruno PhD ISBN 0-471-55211-9

(a few paragraphs under “myxedema”)