The thyroid is a gland situated in the neck, the bridge between the mind and body. It produces thyroxine and other thyroid hormones which are needed to regulate metabolism and deliver oxygen and nourishment to every cell in the body. The brain and the rest of the body need a healthy balance of thyroid hormone for healthy metabolism to maintain overall mental and physical mental health.

Any type of thyroid disorder may cause a wide range of mind and body symptoms and some symptoms of overactive and underactive thyroid disease may overlap. Thyroid symptoms may be overlooked or misinterpreted by busy medical professionals. Thyroid testing for all those suffering mental distress seems common sense in order to avoid misdiagnosis and/or inappropriate treatment.

After a positive test result and proper treatment normal levels of thyroid hormones TSH and T4 (thyroxine) may be restored and mental and physical wellbeing may improve. The improvement may be dramatic and life changing.

Thereafter regular blood tests and ongoing appropriate treatment are necessary to maintain normal thyroid hormone levels in the blood and the person’s wellbeing. Tests are usually done every six months or once a year.